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About Bonus Vita

We help those who want to settle and get a job in Lithuania!

We provide assistance to residents of various foreign countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, etc.) who wish to obtain a residence permit and work in Lithuania. Recruitment of employees from abroad in Lithuania has been our main activity since 2004.

We started our activity in 2004 as a family business, with new members joining our team a little bit later. Gradually, a clear specialization of our company emerged – we are a company recruiting employees from abroad for work in Lithuania, whose main clients are Lithuanian transport companies and international truck drivers from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, India and many other countries, who wish to get a permit to live and work in Lithuania. Our mission is to bring them together, connect them, ensure smooth and successful cooperation.

Our company’s history or how we developed

In 2004, after Lithuania joined the European Union, the development of the Lithuanian transport sector gained a lot of momentum. Transport companies began to expand rapidly, change their focus of attention from the eastern to western region, and there was a huge demand for international truck drivers. This need has encouraged a search for ways to help carriage companies to meet the staff shortage. This is how Bonus Vita was born – one of the pioneers in the field of search for drivers from third countries and their recruitment in Lithuania. Facing the specific situation of that time, complex recruitment procedures and many other challenges, we gained invaluable experience and became partners and indispensable assistants for many transport companies. Some of them have grown so much that they have become independent and no longer need our services, some are still our clients – we appreciate this very much and are happy to be able to show ourselves as their reliable partners.

Why choose us?


Almost 20 years of work experience

We started our company in 2004. During all these years, our team faced many challenges and learnt from our own mistakes and those of others; however, this allowed us to gain valuable experience and become true professionals in our field so that we can offer all the help and guidance you may need.


Special attention to each customer

Our clients include small, medium and large transport companies and long-haul drivers from many countries worldwide. We value the trust of each of our clients and always strive to earn their confidence as reliable partners. We pay special attention to everyone who wishes to work with us.


Smooth recruitment process and integration of employees

We aim to ensure the smoothest and highest-quality process of employee selection, document processing, recruitment and integration. Even after a meticulous selection process, the risk of not being suitable for the position still exists. Understanding this, we cooperate with the potential employee, the employer, and our other partners to ensure additional highest quality training, smooth integration and significant benefit for both parties.


Timely response

We are ready to respond quickly, no matter what kind of help you need. We will try to figure out the situation by attentively listening and providing professional recommendations. We can join the process of hiring employees from abroad at any stage. Depending on your needs, we can help you at all stages of employee selection, document management, recruitment and integration processes.

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Bonus Vita – your reliable assistant

During almost 20 years of activity, we have overcome many challenges, gained invaluable experience and now we are professionals in our field, who can become irreplaceable assistants for both foreigners who want to get a job in Lithuania and logistics companies looking for employees from abroad.

We have assembled a team of highly qualified employees who listen to the needs of customers. Our experience of many years, values we cherish, and customer feedback give confidence to our future partners.

In order to ensure the best quality of services for our clients, we participate in the entire process – we do not only find an employee, but we constantly cooperate with the employee and the employer as well as with external partners seeking to ensure maximum quality of training, smooth integration and efficient work.

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Customer reviews

We strive to provide the highest quality services and meet the expectations of everyone who applies to us. Customer reviews are the best assessment of our performance. After all, the goal of our improvement is to offer you only the best service!

Anand Anand

One of the best agencies in Europe based in lithuania. Also, good support for all paperwork is if anyone is searching for a job in Europe, you must contact bonus vita..

Sreejith Nair

Hii , if anyone want to do job in Lithuania pls cont bonus vita. Gracia mam will help to get now I am also working in Lithuania as a truck driver. Thank you for everything

jinu Jinu

A good agency did all the paperwork for me to come and all my paperwork after my arrival was bonus vita I joined the job in two weeks now I have been working for four months now everything is going well bonus vita help more people to come to dream job.

mahaveersingh. chittorgarh

I am Also applied in this company and right now I am working in Europe as heavy truck Driver and I have received my profit and I’m very happy to see myself among this wonderful platform . thanks bonus vita for give me platform to bright future.

Satinder Singh

Very good Logistcis

Very good management

Jarmanjeet Singh

Thank you bonus vita for helping me secure my job .they were very helpful and provided great tips and guided me through the recruitment process effectively and with ease.i would highly recommend bonus vita for their services

Suresh Devesan

Reliable recruitment company based in Lithuania for truck drivers. They recruit from India and Middle East also along with neighbouring countries. They helped me to get a truck driver job in Lithuania.


Hello everyone, I am BALJINDER SINGH, I work as a truck driver in Lithuania. when I thought about Lithuania and saw a video on YouTube BONUS VITA staffing agency and contacted BONUS VITA . very good agency. and the agency owner’s mother GRAZINA I have no words for Gražina’s mother. she is ready to help every person. but when can you ask your problem? Gražina’s mother is one of the Lithuanian ladies who can solve all problems. I think you can blindly trust a beautiful mother. If any truck driver wants to work in Lithuania, please contact bonus vita first from gulf country or india. I always recommend BONUS VITA. thank you Beautiful mom

Вадим Арцыменя

An excellent company. Everything was resolved in the shortest possible time. My respect, please continues in that spirit. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the company.

Stasys Mušeikis

A great team and a great manager. I recommend them 🙂